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You will find all the usual Natural Horsemanship equipment for sale - halters, training lines, hackamores, reins, etc.


In response to questions from clients we have also added lots of information relating to keeping horses barefoot - though much of this is also highly relevant to the management of shod horses!


You will find advice on diet, environment, exercise, conditioning, what happens when you decide to 'go barefoot' and much more. We have a small, but valuable, range of natural, bio-available, mineral and vitamin supplements for sale in the online shop, which we will be increasing in the future.


       Clive's barefoot trimming practice covers most of the South West. If you need a trimmer just call

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We will be continually adding to the site so keep looking!*



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                          Natural Horsemanship Equipment.                                                             Holistic Hoof Care