Benefits of Barefoot

Benefits of Barefoot


 What are the benefits of taking your horse barefoot?


You will most likely find that your horse becomes happy, healthy and more relaxed.


He will enjoy a longer working life as there is far less strain and concussion on joints.


He will become more evenly muscled as gaits and suppleness improve.


He will slip less - particularly on tarmac roads and other hard surfaces.


You will find that he is more surefooted as he has increased proprioception and can feel where he is putting his feet.


He will be less tired after long rides and you may also find that you are less tired too as there is much less concussion, the horse moves more smoothly and may be more willing to go forwards.


Another advantage is early warning of possible health problems, as dietary issues often show up in hooves first - either as ripples in the hoof wall, or foot sensitivity on hard or uneven ground.



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