Our halters are produced to a traditional design, used and recommended by Natural Horsemanship trainers and instructors.


They  are hand tied using 1/4 inch polyester marine doublebraid rope. It is thin enough to discourage the horse from leaning on it, yet is soft enough to feel comfortable when he yields to his/her own pressure.


We use a genuine fiador knot at the chin. This complex knot evenly distributes tension to prevent damage to individual sections of the halter. It also allows some adjustment to nose opening and gullet piece sizing.


The remaining knots are double overhand knots which sit flat against the head and may be loosened and moved slightly to allow fine adjustment to fit. Many cheap halters do not use these knots and this is an easy way to check for a quality halter rather than a halter made to a price and not a standard.


Halters are easily washed, are colourfast and won't shrink or rot when they get wet.


As there is no metal used in the design of our halters they can just be popped in the washing machine on a cool wash with a detergent free washing powder or liquid (as with any horse clothing)


We supply four sizes as standard but others can be made on request:

Small  - Ponies measuring approx. 20" around nose

Medium - Cob/arab size heads approx. 22" around nose

Large  -  Cob/small full approx 24" around nose

Xlarge - Large horse i.e. warmblood approx. 26" around nose


Please look at our halter sizing page for guides to fitting and measuring for a custom fit. 



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