We supply traditional mecate reins (see hackamores) and also sports/endurance reins.


Our mecate reins are constructed using the same high quality braid used for our training lines.

Reins are 22' long allowing around 9' for reins and a 12' lead rein (the remaining 1' being taken up in tying to the hackamore). 

Mecate reins have a tassle at one end and a back splice and leather popper at the other.


Sports/endurance reins are made from the same quality braid.

Reins are usually 9' long but can be supplied in other lengths as required. they are finished with a stainless steel clip at each end to attach to bit rings or hackamore.


We have found that these reins, with their wider diameter than leather reins, are particularly useful for riders who have problems with their hands, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.







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