Working Together

Working Together

Working Together


How you can help us


Practice good hygiene


·Between trimming visists your horse will need his feet picking out regularly, even if you are not riding. Vigorous brushing of the bottom of the sole and frog with a wire brush helps clean and exfoliate the sole. If fungal infection is a problem we will recommend a solution for you to spray on to keep it at bay.


Have your horse ready


·Please have your horse caught up and ready for us when we arrive. We will have appointments after yours and if we are delayed then we may be late for other people and horses.


Bathing or hosing


·Please do not wash your horse just before we arrive. If it is done early so that hooves and legs are clean and dry it is much appreciated. But, if the horse is wet when we trim it is   difficult to hold on to the leg and hoof. A dirty horse means we will be dirty too - for the rest of the day.


Difficult horses


·Do not expect us to trim a horse that you can't catch or has never been halter broken. Tell us during the first phone call if you horse is untrained or difficult to trim. We can then decide on the best course of action. If handled in the right way difficult horses aren't difficult for long. But the right way may need us to allow more time for your visit.


How we will help you




·We will keep our appointments with you, or at least call if we must cancel, or if we are     delayed. Please keep in mind though that the time we have given you must be approximate. We will not rush horses that are hurting, or having a difficult time. This may cause us to be    delayed. However, you can expect the same consideration for your horses.


Professional behaviour


·We will treat you and your horse with respect and take the time to try and answer all your questions. We will also undertake to work with your veterinary surgeon or other professional when required.


Horse handling


·We will treat your horse fairly and kindly, even if correction is needed for undesirable behaviour.




·We are open to progressive thinking and incorporate the latest research results into our  practice. We attend seminars and courses as part of continuing professional development. We firmly believe that no horse should be harmed in their journey to barefoot performance, and any action, or lack of action, that delays the healing process can be seen as harm. Expect us to either seek answers ourselves, or help you with a referral to another professional who can help us to improve the health of your horse.


·Blue Moon Equine is fully insured with _wsb_164x63_amlin_logo Insurance services