Halter fitting

Halter fitting

 Blue Moon Equine Custom Sizing Instructions



 We make 4 standard sizes of halter:

Small:       - Ponies measuring approx. 20" around the nose

Medium    - Cob/Arab size head approx. 22" around the nose

Large:      - Average horse (cob/small full) approx 24" around nose

X Large    - Large horse i.e. warmblood approx. 26" around the nose



 Custom Measurements:

All you need is a soft measuring tape or a piece of string that you can measure later.

The following measurements will give us the information we need for a custom fit:




  1. Measure the yellow line in the picture above from the lowest point of the facial crest to the base of the ear.
  2. Measure the green line - the circumference of the nose at the base of the facial crest. This is the base measurement for our standard sizes above.
  3. Measure the blue line - the distance across the nose between the bottom tips of the facial crest. This ensures that we size the noseband length so that the knots sit in the depressions below the bony facial crest on each side of the face.
  4. Measure the white line from the base of the ear at one side under the cheek (with no slack) to the base of the ear at the other side.

This information is for a standard halter but the same measurements will allow us to custom fit a rope hackamore. In this case we will need to know whether you wish to use mecate reins or standard clip on reins as the size of the noseband will differ.


Watch a video on fitting and measuring



If you need further help with measuring don't hesitate to ask - we are here to help!


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