Blue Moon Equine Mecate Reins

Blue Moon Equine Mecate Reins

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Our mecate reins are constructed in house using the same top quality 1/2 inch marine doublebraid that we use for our popular training lines. This gives sufficient weight and feel to send a really subtle aid directly to the horse. Mecate reins are 22' in length, allowing around 9' for reins and 12' for use as a lead rein ( the remainder being taken up in tying to the hackamore). Mecate reins have a tassel at one end and a backsplice with English leather popper at the other. Rein colours are: White with red fleck: White with blue fleck: White with black fleck: White with green fleck. These coordinate with our Original Hackamore. Please note this price is for reins only. Matching hackamores may be found under hackamores.


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Blue Moon Equine Hackamore Blue Moon Equine Hackamore
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Blue Moon Equine Hackamore and Mecate Rein Set Blue Moon Equine Hackamore and Mecate Rein Set
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Natural Horsemanship Halter Natural Horsemanship Halter
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