Sport / Endurance Reins

Sport / Endurance Reins

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These reins are made from top quality 1/2inch marine double braid. They are soft in the hand and give a positive feel to your horse. Each end has a stainless steel swivel clip permanently spliced which may be attached to your bit rings or hackamore. They are easy to unclip from your bit when out on a ride if you need a leadrope or you want to let your horse graze. The standard length is 9' but other sizes can be made on request. These reins come in Navy Blue, White, Red, Blue, Burgundy, Gold or Black. They can also be ordered in the same 1/2 inch braid as our training lines in white with blue, red, green or black fleck.


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Blue Moon Equine Hackamore Blue Moon Equine Hackamore
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Blue Moon Equine Hackamore and Mecate Rein Set Blue Moon Equine Hackamore and Mecate Rein Set
from £42.00 *
Natural Horsemanship Halter Natural Horsemanship Halter
from £16.00 *
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