12' Training Line

12' Training Line

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As with our halters these quality lines are produced entirely in house. Constructed from top quality 1/2inch polyester marine doublebraid it is easy to transmit energy along the line giving a subtle aid directly to the horse. This versatile line may be attached directly to the halter or to a clip, ring or snap of your choice. This line is excellent if you have a sensitive horse that objects to the weight, movement or noise of a clip. It also works well for advanced horses giving a very clear signal with no distraction. This line is also available with a stainless steel clip spliced permanently to the end of the line, for people who prefer the extra weight. Stainless steel clips are available to buy separately. Colours available are: white/blue fleck; white/black fleck; white/red fleck; white/green fleck; white; black;navy blue; red; blue; burgundy; gold.


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from £33.00 *
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