Holistic Hoofcare

Holistic Hoofcare

What is Holistic Hoof Care?



The dictionary definition of holistsic is: treating of the whole rather than the symptoms.


"Going barefoot" is much more than throwing away the shoes.





It should consider the whole horse - his diet, exercise, environment.


You may need to make changes to the way you feed your horse and consider alternative ways of managing the environment in which he lives.


A good, performance barefoot trim is only one part of the whole, and professional advice should always be sought.


The trim we use is safe, effective and non invasive.


We aim to advise owners so that they are able to take more responsibility for their horse's soundness and performance.


We will also help you to understand how diet and the horse's environment affects the health of the hoof.


This can all seem pretty daunting (we know we've been there!), but it is also incredibly empowering!


Follow the links and we will guide you through the things you need to know.

Oh, and don't worry - we are always here to answer your questions.


We cover all areas of the South West.

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