Training Lines

Training Lines

Training Lines







Lines are  constructed using the same high quality polyester marine braid as our halters in 1/2 inch diameter.


This gives sufficient weight to transmit energy along the line, giving a subtle aid directly to the horse.


All our 12' lines come with a correctly constructed eye splice, stitched for added security, that may be tied directly to the halter or to a clip, ring or snap of your choice.


Tying directly to the halter is an excellent choice for advanced horses or if you have a sensitive horse that objects to the weight, movement or noise of a clip.


Clips can be supplied. Alternatively you may prefer to have a clip spliced directly to the line - the choice is yours!


The end of the line is back spliced to give weight and balance to the line and is finished with an english bridle leather popper.


22' lines are fitted with a steel ring and removable carbine style clip as standard. Just let us know if you would prefer something different.


These lines are designed for the serious 'Natural Trainer' with the weight and feel of more expensive lines.


When combined with a Blue Moon Equine halter these lines will enable you to give the lightest possible signal.

Remember in the words of Richard Maxwell - It's not how quickly you put the pressure on that impresses your horse, but how quickly you release it!


Standard lines are 12' or 22' long. Other lengths can be supplied on request. Just ask us for a quote. 



             Line_12_red_fleck                                                                            Line_12_black_fleck




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