22' Training Line

22' Training Line

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A 22' line is the next step in your training from the 12' line. It allows sensitive or difficult horses more 'drift' and reduces the feeling of claustrophobia that may be felt with the 12' line. It is a useful transition to liberty work and advanced ground skills and is good for 'playing' with your horse - over uneven ground, ditches etc. As with our other lines all are produced in house. They are constructed from top quality 1/2 inch polyester marine doublebraid. They have weight and softness, making it easy to transmit energy and 'life' along the line, giving a direct signal to the horse. Our 22' lines come with a stainless steel ring and removable stainless steel carbine style clip spliced to the end. However, if you prefer, you can have an eye splice at the end enabling you to tie directly to your halter or, alternatively, slip on the ring and clip if you choose. (the ring and clip will be supplied with your line). Colours available are: White with Blue Fleck: White with Red Fleck: White with Black Fleck: White with Green Fleck.


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