Blue Moon Equine Hackamore

Blue Moon Equine Hackamore

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This distinctive hackamore is made from quality 6mm marine doublebraid - very strong with low stretch. The hackamore is light in weight and easy on the horse. It is constructed in a similar manner to our popular traditional design halters, using a genuine fiador knot to give correct weight and balance. You will not find any metal rings or clips. The bosal style noseband is made from the same top quality, soft 6mm marine doublebraid that we use for our halters and comes in a coordinating colour scheme. The hackamore is made with a slightly larger nose loop to accomodate the tying of mecate reins, but you can easily attach your own reins if you wish. Please note mecate reins are not included in this price. You will find them available in our store under reins in colours to match the bosal noseband. Sizes available are: Small - pony: Medium - cob/small full: Large - full size. Other / unusual sizes can be made on request. See our halter fitting guide for custom measurements. If you require a custom fit hackamore just enter your measurements in the comments box when you get to the checkout Colours available are: red, blue, black, green, white.


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Blue Moon Equine Mecate Reins Blue Moon Equine Mecate Reins
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Blue Moon Equine Hackamore and Mecate Rein Set Blue Moon Equine Hackamore and Mecate Rein Set
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Sport / Endurance Reins Sport / Endurance Reins
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